Culture Of The Area
  • Peach Ravine Ancient Cultural Relics site

    On November 12rd, 1979, when cleaning a tome with stone relief in Han Dynasty in Peach Ravineat Jinping Commune, Peach production brigade, archaeologists from Lianyungang Museum discovered chipped stone implements nearby…MORE

  • Er’Jian Ravine historic site

    Er’jian Ravine is located in the south of east side of Jinping Mountain. Jiangsu Province Bureau of Cultural Relics had explored twice for an area of 336 m2, from November to December, 1958 and March 28th to April 20th,…MORE

  • Lianyungang Peach Ravine, the ancient cultural relic site

    In the south of Jinping Mountain, there was a twisted ravine called Peach Ravine. 1979, when archeologists cleaned on Han Dynasty grave, they found dozens of old stone implements made from flints in loess layer, 55cm ben…MORE

  • Looking for the Orient Sealed Book in Lianyungang Peach Ravine

    Peach Ravine, the largest ravine in Yuantai Mountains, is 9km from Lianyungang. With green mountains and clean water, quiet valleys and deep ravines, especially in April when peach flowers blossom, Peach Ravine and moun…MORE

  • General Cliff Painting

    China is the first country to discover and record cliff painting. Cliff painting is the picture carved or painted on the surface of a rock, spread over many countries in the world, lasting from about 30,000 years ago unt…MORE