Peach Ravine

The most fascinating place of Peach Ravine named “shi meng liu shui”. There are green mountains, rocks, lakes, streams around this sites. It is distinguished with other sites. “Peach Ravine” carved on the stone is originated from Su dongpo who comes from song dynasty.

Jiangjunya Rock-paintings

Jiangjunya Rock-paintings were found in the Cultural Relics Survey of 1979, and have been listed as important cultural relic sites under state-level protection by the State Council on January, 1988. There are patterns of people and animal’s face, meridian, sun, fish and crops engraved in these rock-paintings with the primitive style. Jiangjunya Rock-paintin…

Shen Jia Peak

The mountain in front of us named “shenjia peak”, it looks like a pangolin staying at the top of this mountain. The pangolin was attracted by this beautiful site and didn’t want to leave.

Duijiu Nunnery Site

Duijiu Nunnery is located at the west of the Arts Park of Guanyin Stone Statues. In ancient times, Duijiu was a tool for pounding grain, and in agricultural times, it was a common houseware for villagers, and it had a long history since Neolithic times. Duijiu Nunnery Site was built in Northern Song dynasty in honor of Guanyin pretending to be a Taoist to po…

Dragon Pool

There was a monster lived in this pool . It’s name is “Pi xiu” ,he was the ninth son of dragon. His apperance was ferocious, he liked swallowing the treasures without giving back. It was regarded as the God who has the power to make fortune. In order to keep this dragon, people carved “fo”all around , but the dragon fly to the sky finally.

Stone Rabbit looking up to the moon

Along the Peach Blossom Pond, on the left side is a Stone Rabbit, which is a mere freak of nature. The stone rabbit stands on a huge rock with its head rising slightly, which shows as the rabbit keeps looking up at the moon, pining for the moon fairy Chang’e. A poem about moon rabbit written by Qin Guan in Song dynasty supplies a true description of this la…